WRUW Dives Into Khloe Kardashian’s Pregnancy Cheating Scandal & Finds Out The Shocking Percentage Of Men Who Cheat While Expecting

While there is a lot going on in the world, news sources are filling up on Khloe Kardashian gossip, after Tristan Thompson  was caught cheating multiple times on the reality star – oh yeah, did we mention she was heading into labor any time.

The fact is, it made news whether you agree that it should or shouldn’t. Which leaves WRUW to dive deeper into the “reality” of Khloe Kardashian’s life.

Take out the fame, and you have a 32-year-old woman who has dreamed of being in a loving relationship. She fought hard for her first marriage and tried getting pregnant, but had to close the door after drug addiction and cheating scandals took over. After getting through the hurt, she finally thinks she found her prince charming and that they will live happily ever after. So much to the point, that they decide to have a baby together, something the woman has dreamed of for years.

After posting adorable and loving photos, she goes into the hospital and is ready any day now, to have her sweet baby girl. Only to quickly find out (at the hospital), that while her boyfriend is on a “work trip,” he is cheating.

If you put yourself in this woman’s shoes, you’re hurt. You’re embarrassed. Your trust is gone. Every ounce of planning you had for your new family is shattered. On top of the fact that you are about to bring life into the world any minute and have to be strong for her, strong for yourself,  and start an entire new life to begin with even if the scandal hadn’t happened.

Now, throw in that you are famous. Not just famous – Kardashian famous.

Khloe is bashed publicly, and someone who is worshipped publicly all at the same time. Someone that not only has to face that her boyfriend was cheating, but has to deal with the entire world knowing and seeing actual footage of his behavior. Having to deal with the entire universe know that this person you loved, is doing this to you while you are moments away from having their child.

The scandal continues as reports claim that Khloe shouldn’t be surprised since upon meeting Tristin, the athlete left his pregnant girlfriend for her, and is owning the title of, “once a cheater, always a cheater.” Adding another major pressure on the star.

Khloe’s story may be blasted on the news, but unfortunately the story is all too common of men cheating on their pregnant significant others.

The DailyMail states:

According to the psychologist Robert Rodriguez, author of What’s Your Pregnant Man Thinking?, 10 percent of fathers-to-be cheat on their partners during pregnancy. Some say they do it because they feel scared by the impending arrival and fear their position in the family is being undermined.

10 percent!? Which means that you very well coud know someone in this situation, and have no idea. But with Khloe’s cost of fame, the world knows it and will be googling away until they have all the answers. On top of it all, the Kardashians have a major folllowing of people who look up and idolize them, and are setting examples on easily influenced brains.

Will Khloe leave Triston? We don’t know, but what we do know is having to deal with the pressure of the public both with or without the scandal has to put your pregnancy hormones to the ultimate test!

And that’s not where it ends. Khloe will now face the backlash of any choice she makes going forward with Triston.  If she stays with him people won’t be happy. If she leaves him, people won’t be happy. The rest of the world is entitled to their opinions because that’s part of the Kardashian fame.

Is the cost of fame worth it to you? What do you think about Khloe and Tristin’s relationship?