Kristin Cavallari Tells WRUW What NOT To Do Before A First Date

Photo Credit: Dove Shore

Kristin Cavallari has done it all – she’s a mother, a designer, a red carpet host – and of course, manages to look perfect while doing it all. WRUW got the chance to catch up with Cavallari to chat about everything! From upcoming spring shoe trends with Chinese Laundry and what drives her inspirations, to mom life and first dates, Kristin gave us the full 411. And yes, we even asked her about the greatest comeback trend of all time – the choker.

Every season you continue to set the bar higher and higher with Chinese Laundry, designing amazing shoes no girl can turn down. What inspires you collection after collection?

KC: Thanks! I try to stay on trend with what’s currently happening in the market place so I follow the trend forecast closely. I’m constantly looking at fashion magazines, the runway, and pulling inspiration from different pages on Instagram – thank goodness for social media!. Every collection offers trendy shoes and classic, timeless styles. With everything in my life, I love simplicity, so I want my shoes to make your outfit but not take over it.

Photo Credit: Dove Shore

What’s a must-have shoe every woman should have in her closet?

KC: It’s really hard to pick just one! If I had to choose, I would say my Laurel bootie because it looks good with everything, and makes any outfit chic. 

What trends are you seeing in the near future with shoes?

KC: A trend I love is flat sling backs. I love when a flat is trendy and chic, while making my feet happy as well! And, a trend I just can’t get on board with is the clear heels. I went back and forth on them, but ultimately it’s not for me. 

Photo Credit: Dove Shore

Every girl is nervous on the first date – any suggestions on the perfect, fool-proof shoe for the evening?

KC: I hated dating; I was the girl that was a nervous wreck. You have to fake it until you make it. Just play it cool even though you are dying inside. Come prepared with a couple questions you are curious about. And honestly, I would suggest NOT social stalking them so you are really getting to know them without the idea you are showing up to the date with. And don’t wear huge heels! Wear heels you can easily walk in; it’s never cute to be the girl who can’t walk in their shoes.

No, we definitely don’t want to be that girl! More personally, You welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Saylor to your family. How did she influence your decisions in designing? 

KC; To be honest, she hasn’t really with the shoes! Maybe that’s horrible but it’s the truth. I’m in the middle of designing a baby line with Sapling Child so I’ve used my baby creative juices solely for that. The only difference in regards to my shoe line is, since I had children, not just my daughter, I’ve been drawn to more flats just because they’re more practical running around with them. 

Speaking of being a mother, what is your number one tip to a mom-on-the-go – and mom with a baby bump – who wants to maintain their sense of fashion? 

KC: Mom-on-the-go, I would say layering is relatively easy and makes any outfit more dynamic – it can also come in handy with spills and messes. A great pair of sunglasses and shoes go a long way.

My favorite look are simple outfits with a great purse, shoes, and sunglasses. A woman with a baby bump … I would say to embrace being pregnant and create outfits around the bump; being pregnant is such a short window in your life – although it doesn’t necessarily seem like it at the time – but to enjoy every second. 

Photo Credit: Dove Shore

One last question to wrap things up. We are dying to know – how happy are you that the choker is back in the fashion world? 

KC: Ha! I’m really into it. 

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By Staci Wuokko, WRUW Deputy Editor