WRUW Explores Synesthesia With Perfumer Bambi Montogomery – And It’s Beautifully Weird

If you haven’t heard of synesthsia, get ready to be mind blown!

Can you imagine eating and hearing music? Or smelling something and seeing color? Well, that is exactly what happens to Bambi Montgomery.  She learned to embrace her synesthesia, by doing what a #bossbabe would do – make a career out of it and use its positives for her company Hive.

Hive’s unique approach to Fragrance Branding involves exploring of desires and needs, inspiration and motivation with Atmosphere Curator, Bambi. She personally works to immerse herself in the imagery, concept, colors, sounds, emotional connections and stories that define a vision.

Once fully acquainted, Bambi translates your story, your emotion, your private thoughts into an ownable and memorable fragrance that can be shared in a home, at an event, in a workspace or on one’s person. In other words, she’s a Queen to the Hive, and we can’t get enough of her spunk and drive when it comes to her passionately talking about her business and life.

She’s now a visionary, tastemaker, influencer, Artful Synesthesia and Queen of the HIVE Brand. We caught up with Bambi at Soho, where she allowed us to test our own sense using the latest luxury fragrances along with Soho’s menu to see how our own brain works with smell and taste.

While experiencing this incredible sensory night, Bambi answered our questions over everything from what her daily life is like, to how she built her band. The coolest part? She based all her scents off of loved ones in her life or memories. Let us tell you, we loved them all!

Trust was one of the fragrances, which Bambi said, “My cousin is someone I trust the most.  That emotion, that feeling of trust is something to me.  I then look for notes that will duplicate what I’m smelling in my head when I think of trust and my cousin.”

Other fragrance inspirations included the scent of a hug from her father, which was based off his cologne, as well as her puppy coming in from outside on a spring day.

When we asked Bambi more about her synesthesia, we were super curious to know when she meets people what type of music she hears.

“It’s different every time! Sometimes, it’s even country music,” she explained.

If there’s one thing we learned chatting and getting to know Bambi, it’s that she’s truly inspiring and appreciates creatives like her in the world. She runs The HIVE Foundation for high school grads who don’t want to go the college route, but want to go more into the creative world – musicians, DJS, stylist, designers, artist, etc.

Bambi is proof that you can take something and make it into something beautiful, and we truly admire her work and form of artistry. You can shop Bambi’s fragrances and candles, here.