The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 12 Thanksgiving Madness Prep List

Photo Credit: Girlsofacertainage

For those filled with sugar, spice, and everything sarcasm, we put together your Moody Monday Thanksgiving madness prep list. Included in our roundup is a Thanksgiving game that might as well be a truth serum, a gift for the host that probably shouldn’t be in the kitchen, and a present for someone that sometimes has a few too many (there’s one in every family). Since we know you’ll be needing some R&R there is no shame in taking that pumpkin pie straight to the bath and sipping on some liquid luck. Confused? Take a look after the jump!

To some, Thanksgiving can mean a quiet Gilmore Girls marathon with your family after having cooked a beautiful thanksgiving dinner and enjoying a glass of wine. For others, you could swear the Thanksgiving Bingo game we listed below was based off of your family and friends. Instead of being embarrassed, learn to embrace Thanksgiving with these holiday themed items. Our last word of advice? Stay away from blueberry pie in white dresses … that typically doesn’t end too well, and pictures last forever.

Thankful for a Family That Drinks Metal Gift Tag: $2.99  Between everyone in your family bringing a bottle of wine, it could fill a crate! Ain’t no shame in being a wino fam. You’ll get a few more laughs with these gift tags, keeping the fam in good spirits.


Turkey Timer: $17.00 Last year the turkey was a little….burnt, to say the least. Instead of pointing fingers, poke some turkey legs into that bad boy. You’ll get points for saving the family’s meal, while staying true to your fun and sarcastic nature.



Thanksgiving Bingo Game: Fly on the wall much? If it weren’t so hilarious, it’d be kind of creepy how accurate this Buzzfeed game is. We’ll bet that the entire family will be laughing with this one. … if not, then you may be needing a little bit of a Harry Potter magic …

 Harry Potter Liquor Hip Flask Stainless: $16.99 Thanksgiving dinner political talk is real – and it might be too much to handle.  Luckily, there’s liquid luck to save the day. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Weasley family used this during their holiday dinners. Keep it to yourself or share with your Thanksgiving partner in crime (we won’t judge you either way).


Pumpkin Pie Shower Gel & Bubble Bath: $13.79 Who said you weren’t in the Thanksgiving spirit this year? You’re taking a Pumpkin Pie bath, after all. We promise we won’t tell if you actually bring some real pumpkin pie with you, too.