WRUW Goes Inside Nike’s ‘House of Go’ with the New Nike React Sneakers

On Saturday afternoon our team was invited to take a treadmill running class at the flagship Niketown in Chicago to test out the new Nike React running shoes. We love the brand, so we were excited AF to do this!

Okay, being athletic is def not our thing–the most we work out is probably walking down Michigan Ave during a shopping/brunch day (which is a long ass block, btw.) But, I have to admit this was fun to do and is a challenge, and would obviously become a piece of cake if you actively practice.

First, we got a little background info on the new shoe. The Nike React running shoes are soft, bouncy and durable–they can be worn for 500 miles, as opposed to regular shoes at 200. It also helps that they look dope and could be worn as an everyday shoe.

We put on the shoes and headed upstairs pumped to stretch and then run some pretend laps on the treadmills. Our instructor Emily was a beast and definitely made sure we got a work out. Her motivational yelling and hip hop music also made it a little more fun, even when we were ready to tap out. ‘D.N.A.’ by Kendrick Lamar will put you in the zone anywhere, anytime.  Mary and I still have leg cramps, thanks Emily!

After we caught our breath for a minute and partook in our real specialty, taking pics, we headed back downstairs to tour the amazingly creative House of Go, an interactive product pop-up experience. The floors featured designs that triggers live animations at the tap of a foot. The majority of the designs were created by the super creative Lauren Asta, who’ve we had the pleasure of interviewing on Fast Fashion.

The interesting thing about each room is that they were themed to have an element of the shoe–like lightweight and durability, including feathers, 3D hammers and an interactive running experience. Definitely the dopest product launch we’ve seen!

We had a blast and this experience brought the fun and excitement to working out. The Nike ‘House of Go’ pop-up will be in Chicago until March 23, and is making its way around cities in the U.S. Space is very limited, reserve your spot now!