WRUW Investigates: Did One of These Actresses Bite Beyoncé?

Unless you live under a rock you probably already heard about the most random yet hilarious story in 2018 so far–celebs are insane so there’s plenty of them. But, this is definitely a new one. Comedian Tiffany Haddish talked to the press about Beyoncé again this week in her profile with GQ. She spilled more tea about things that happened at one of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s super low-key and star studded parties and what she revealed has everyone shook.

Apparently the same actress whom Tiffany claimed flirted with Jay-Z few months ago at this same party, also bit Beyonce on the face while being high on something. Like, okay….wtf? First of all, who bites people? Who bites Beyoncé...on the face?!?

Everyone on the internet, including the Beyhive wasted no time being messy and trying to find out who’s responsible. Others are also annoyed with Tiffany for sharing this information. We all know how Queen Bey is about her privacy, and we definitely wanna see our homegirl Tiffany kick it with the Carters again for violating that NDA.

We gotta admit though, the theories have been funny AF–here’s some of the potential face biters according to the internet:

Sanaa Lathan was mentioned, but that was quickly put to rest, for now. Besides. it’s honestly just not believable for her. Next.

Sara Foster was also mentioned after Beyhive stans lurked The Cut’s party attendee list. Now, this actually isn’t believable because according to Tiffany, the suspect was someone Beyonce knew well enough to know she was on drugs that night. Sara herself says she’s not close to Bey, so no.

Taraji P. Henson was named and we love her, but we honestly don’t know–there’s mixed opinions on if it could be her. However, Tiffany denies it.

Chrissy Teigen is our spirit animal for a reason, and she’s as invested in this as we are. Gwyneth Paltrow was the immediate first choice above everyone, being super close friends with Bey and all. Chrissy said it’s not her though so we trust her.

Lastly.the most believable suspect is Lena Dunham. It’s random that her name is thrown out there but she hasn’t exactly been everyone’s fave–she’s said and done some questionable things. When Chrissy described the suspect as ”the worst,” it kind of all made sense. Recently, she has denied it also. *side eye* the search continues….