WRUW Investigates: Beyoncé’s Drummer

It was a weird week, but if you don’t know the story about Beyoncé’s drummer, it’s about to get even weirder for you.

The band member claimed Queen B used “extreme witchcraft” and ran spells on her. She believes she was running surveillance on he and controlling her finances with the magic, and even put a restraining order on the singer.

Um, okay?

She then explained that Sasha Fierce created a campaign of harassment against her that was “Magic spells of sexual molestation,” and wrote in her claim that she murdered her kitten.

Wait, what?

We called for WRUW investigation on Kimberly Thompson, Beyoncé’s drummer, to figure out the real deal. She was in fact the real drummer of the all-girl band. Additionally, she has played in other bands and has her own record label. That doesn’t sound weird, right?

After further digging, we found some YouTube videos that seemed like there may be some things going on. Kimberly talks about people being mean in her video and appears a little all over the place and erratic.

While we never take sexual harassment lightly, this is by far an interesting (to say the least) … case.

Bey has yet to make a statement, but then again, how do you react to a accusation like this?