WTF: These Shoes Can Order You A Pizza With One Touch

You may think we are joking, but we’re not – seriously, we are not! Ordering a pizza is now as simple as touching your shoe. Pizza and shoes? Who knew our favorite food could become just as fashionable.

Pizza Hut announced their Pie Tops, which is an awesome technological shoe that allows you to have pizza delivered to you wherever you are. You might just save the day of hangry with these babies.

A Los Angeles-based company called Shoe Surgeon designed the sneakers, allowing Bluetooth location to send your order to the nearest Pizza Hut.

Is it to good too be true? Yes and no. Unfortunately, there are only 64 Pie Tops made, which represents the 64 teams that play in NCAA March Madness, and aren’t available to the public … yet. The kicks will first go to “influencers” and Pizza Hut’s biggest fans (um, hello, we are right here!).

We’re hoping sushi sneakers, chocolate icecream kicks and burger shoes are in the making!