WATCH: Beauty Gurus Are DRAGGING Kylie’s Makeup Brush Kit

Kylie Jenner’s release of her makeup kit is proof that you can’t get away with selling crappy products in the age of the internet.

Everyone knows the Kar-Jenners always have a product launch up their sleeves–with Kylie Cosmetics recently being the most talked about. Kylie has new eyeshadow, concealers, lip-sticks and a new makeup brush set priced at, wait for it, $360!

The 16-piece-brush set is made up of real, opposed to synthetic hair, which explains the price? NOPE, at least  that’s what beauty gurus are protesting on social media.

Kylie debuted the brushes on her Instagram, listing each product and individual prices, about $22.00 each.

As usual, the internet wastes no time when it comes to voicing their opinion, about anything. Makeup artists were the first to dissect Kylie’s brushes.

Kylie also took to Twitter to respond to the critics and concerns, comparing her price points to high end brands like MAC and Kevyn Aucoin.

Still, even the most skilled MUA’s who know their shit were not buying this response. Thank God for youtube reviews right?!

Check out what some popular makeup artists had to say as they tested the brushes in this hilarious video.