Cocktails and Conversation with Zac Posen and Ken Downing

Wednesday night, Zac Posen and Ken Downing took over the Mag Mile’s Neiman Marcus. We were lucky enough to snag a spot at this cocktail and conversation soirée. Posen’s Resort and Spring 2019 Collections were paired with jewels by Margot McKinney and showcased on a mini runway on Neiman’s second floor.

With some champagne flowing and guests dressed in their best for Posen, the fashion show began. Sounds like your average Wednesday night, right?

If you are unfamiliar with Posen’s designs, he is most commonly known for creating some of the best dresses that have walked the red carpet. Additionally, he just designed the reception dress for Princess Eugenie’s recent wedding. If you haven’t seen it, Google it now. Posen got to attend the royal wedding and said it was the best one he has ever been to. No surprise there but we are still jealous AF.

Each dress that floated down the runway was better than the last. Consequently, what really made this event so unique was Posen and Downing sitting on stage and commenting on each design. He went through steps on how it came to be.  It was so interesting to listen to the remarks between Posen and Downing on the dresses.

Secondly, We really got to understand the thought process behind each silhouette, corset, color, etc. As a result, at one point when discussing a peach colored ball gown, Posen said, “what’s great about a ball gown is it keeps people away from you! Like back off, I’m in a ball gown.” That might just be our new line the next time we wear a ball gown…

You could really tell that Posen was so proud of all of his designs. I mean, how could he not be? He is a fashion genius. As much as Posen loves getting to create special pieces for celebrities and their next red carpet moment it’s not his fav! He says his love is for creating an all of you moment, not for an event. Finally, with that being said, we would like all of those dresses from last night in our closets now please, Zac!

By Colleen McClintic