Zara Releases Online Sizing Tool To Make All Our Lives Better – Does It Work?

Zara released a tool that is supposed to help you find your best fit – but does it work?

The online feature “What’s My Size?” asks you to put in your height, weight and fit preference (tight, loose or perfect). After filling in the fields, it tells you what percentage of customers with the same size have purchased. It also gives you a percentage of returns made by that size. You can find the tool on every page at the bottom near the sizes. Once you hit that button, it automatically applies to every item’s page.

If you want to take the extra mile (which we suggest you do), you can answer an additional four questions based on your body type. For example the shape of your body, your bust size and age.

While this may be extremely helpful and beneficial to some, body types are all different and it can be hard to determine just based off of height and weight alone. No one’s shapes are exactly alike, so this could lead to false sizes. Hey, there’s nothing worse than being delivered a disappoint outfit in the mail!

Many websites now offer model’s measurements and share what size their way or offer sizing charts. ASOS UK has tried a sizing tool similar to Zara’s and it left many shoppers upset and unhappy. However, Zara’s tool bases it off of different customers with a percentage, not a computer/one person, so it may give them a better shopping experience.

You can try Zara’s new tool by heading to their website. Check out our experience with it below.